cloud based data management

  • Keeps track on operational status and open service calls.
  • Keeps records on lubricant consumptions, refills,recharges and services / repairs
  • Retrieves statistical and projection reports.
  • Reminders on lubricant refill and battery recharge

rechargeable type controller

  • SIPOALs are equipped with re-chargeable type Lithium battery.
  • Single recharge lasts until one complete dispensing cycle - upto 12 months.

refillable type cartridges

  • SIPOALs shall be supplied with either empty Cartridges or lubricant filled.
  • Cartridges can be refilled and reused. Available sizes - 120 ml and 240ml.

dual point lubrication

  • SIPOALs can lubricate two lube points simultaneously.
  • Suitable only for special applications.