SIPOALs consists of self-powered electromechatronical controller to drive the lubricant cartridges which delivers the precise volume of lubricant to the lubrication point of machinery automatically during it's operation at frequent intervals of time programmed by the user.

SIPOALs are available in two variants such as

SIPOAL - B Enabled with Bluetooth

SIPOAL - L Enabled with Long-Range Wireless Network


XOROWIN MECHATRONICS LLP   is focused on producing the   Cyber-Physical Systems for industrial automation needs. In these systems, we are integrating the mechanization with computer, sensors, networks, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), software, mobile app controls and it's user to work together in unison to monitor, control and process the data to fortify and increase the efficacy of machines. Thus, we make your industry “ smart ”.

Latest News

sipoal will smartify the lubrication process in African industries in near future